Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between fully comprehensive and third party motor insurance?

Comprehensive policies covers the Damage caused to the vehicle if it is involved in an accident, Third Party cover does not.

If my car is in for repairs due to an accident do you provide me with a rental vehicle?

Yes, once you have Comprehensive cover, a Rental is provided up to a maximum of 7 days.

Does my motor insurance cover broken windscreens?

Yes this is covered along with any breakage to window glass, once the vehicle is insured Comprehensive.

If someone ‘hits and runs’ and damages my vehicle am I covered?

Yes your vehicle would be covered under the Comprehensive Policy.

Does my motor insurance cover any personal damage – e.g. if I am injured?

Yes, the Comprehensive cover provides cover for a small Personal Accident Benefit, it also provides Medical Expenses up to a maximum of $2,500.00

If my car is broken into and my personal items are stolen how much can I claim?

The policy provides for lost of Personal Items up to a limit of $250.00

Does my motor insurance cover me when I borrow my friends car?

No, the policy does not offer this cover.

Does my motor insurance cover me when I rent a vehicle at home or overseas?

No, it is not extended to cover you in the event of a rental if needed at home or overseas

Does my insurance cover other people (like my kids) driving my car?

Yes, once you notify us of any persons authorized to drive your vehicle and the relevant licences and information submitted, then they are covered.

Can I cancel my insurance immediately if I sell my car?

Yes, please do not hesitate to notify us as soon as the vehicle is sold.



How much homeowners insurance should I have?

You should make sure that the Value of your Property represents the Full Replacement Cost, this value can be provided by a Valuer of your choice.

What is included in the meaning ‘An Act of God’ and is my home insured against this?

A natural disaster such as a Hurricane or Earthquake would constitute ‘An Act of God’ and these perils are covered under our Homesure Policy.
In the case of burglaries are my contents insured, like my jewellery and electronics?
Yes, once your Contents are insured and you have informed us, by way of an appraisal or receipt of your valuable items of jewellery and electronics, then yes they are covered.

If my house burns down and my car is in the garage is it covered?

Yes your car will be covered.

If someone comes to my home and damages themselves am I covered?

Yes your policy provides Public Liability cover which covers you in the event of this up the the policy limit

In the case of my home being destroyed am I covered for alternative accommodation?

Yes it is covered up to a % of the Sum Insured

Do I need to insure my contents, appliances, clothes, jewellery separately?

No, these can be covered under the same policy that covers the building.

If someone in my house accidentally caused an accident, e.g fire or flood would I still be covered?

Yes, these perils are covered by the policy

If my mortgage is not up to date is my policy still valid?

Yes, once your premium payments are up to date then you are covered.



My employer offers this do I still need my own?

It is always better to have your personal coverage. Employer sponsored coverage ceases when your employment comes to an end.

Can I take out health insurance just for my family as I am covered by my employer

Yes, the policy would cover an adult and minors up to 18 years old.

What is considered a ‘pre-existing’ condition?

A pre-existing condition is an illness or injury for which a covered person has received medical advise, care or treatment or, experience symptoms whether the condition has been diagnosed.

Does this cover opticians, and dentists as well as health?

Yes, all of our plans are comprehensive major medical which covers for medical, dental, and vision.

If I get a terminal disease is there a maximum pay-out over a period of time?

No there is no pay-out